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Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices consists of our own unique blend curry spices so you can enjoy the delicious taste of a home-cooked, heart warming Sri Lankan curry.

This one blend is ideal for meat, fish, prawns or vegetable curries. Enjoy the recipes in this blog and in the pack. If you can't find Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices in a shop near you, please email: deemaspice@gmail.com and we will help get you one. Why not visit us on facebook as well.

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One pack cooks two curries for two people. Please note that though there are no nuts in the blend, it is made in a nut lover’s kitchen. It is gluten free, as far as we are aware.

For just £8 each, our Christmas gift bags include 2 packs of Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices in a lovely re-useable just bag and a special recipe card for making curry with turkey leftover and the price includes postage but not the holly!And if you pre-order 2 gift bags, the price is £15. Order today!

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Grocery shopping that fills me with joy.

I love going to my local Chinese grocery shop. It brings back all the memories of home for me. It is the only grocery shopping that fills me with joy.

I go there with a list or I would come back with the entire store. It doesn't really help to be honest but
I like to pretend.

Today, I wanted to make a special fried rice called 'Nasi Ulam'. Nasi is rice in Malay. This is a Malaysian/Straits Chinese dish made with fried shrimps and the leaves from the garden. Now, I do have leaves in my garden but I don't think holly and hebe leaves would do!

Nasi Ulam is a rice and herb dish. The recipe is easy. See http://rasamalaysia.com/ and search for Nasi Ulam. Not quite store ingredients as you do need dried shrimps and desiccated coconut. But you can make do with any herbs - as I didn't follow the recipe to the t. I used spring onions, coriander and chives.

To go with this - it can be eaten on it's own with a spicy sauce - I made the boys favourite lemon chicken.

 The other thing I made was carrot cake. Chinese carrot cake made with turnip! Char Tow Kway in Teochew (Chinese dialect). I found the turnip 'cake' - this is steamed turnip in the frozen section of the shop. Thawed it and fried it with 3 beaten eggs and fermented radish. Delicious. This is a breakfast and/snack in Singapore. Again I uses my rasamalaysia.com website for the recipe.

It doesn't matter that I am thousands of miles away from the 'real' food - I can make it my own kitchen in cold, rainy Edinburgh!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More Spice bags

I can't believe I have had to re-order more bags for Deemaspice.

I thought I maybe packing Christmas presents in them for years to come as Deemaspice was such a silly idea.

Who would buy my spices?

Just made another order for more bags.

From a great little business that looks after small people with big dreams - Charlotte Express Packaging. Nigel you are a star! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Meanwhile... back at Tattie Shaws

Tattie Shaws ran out of stock! Woop Woop!

But, oh wonderfully attractive people who shop there, we got some more in today.

By the way, you can also get DeemaSpice at Relish, an equally fine Leith establishment.

Tweeting all about spice

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Tweet! Tweet!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Deema's Curry Spices - Wordle

Wordle: Deema's Curry SpicesHow cool is this? Maybe I can make tea-towels next! Ha ha. No worries will stick to making curries. Do what you do best is what my mum you used to always say.

Check out http://www.wordle.net/

(A bit of a faff if you are mac based to make it work mind)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

To all those who forgot (like me)

It's the gift that goes on giving

Okay this is late, but it may reach some of you who should have  been having gift-choosing thoughts about your significant others earlier.  Here's what you do:

1.   Buy Deema's Spice. We can't post it to you in time! Go to Tattie Shaws.

2.  Give it with a flourish.

2.  This is the important bit (drum roll...) Then offer to cook it! Make sure you have the other ingredients as well when you turn up. That's a tin of coconut mik, an onion, garlic, your main meat or vegetable etc.

3.  Tell your amour where you got it, so he, she or it can order more.

Just so you know, Deema's Spice has been used before to soften up a significant person in one of our customers' lives. Apparently it when well. But we're much too shy/prudish/embarrassed to ask for further details.

By the way, Ella Macpherson has been telling people in a magazine that spices are the way forward for fab health. So if you want a bod like her's, you know where to get it:)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Healthier food thanks to Edinburgh Community Food

A big thanks to Edinburgh Community Food, a great charity who are doing something about food poverty and poor diets in Edinburgh.  Their food hygiene course, which they run as an extra service, was informative, easy to follow and very helpful.

I recommend this course and their programme for any small or new food business that needs to know about best practice, rules and regulations.

Yes I have a bias, I'm one of their unpaid directors (for my sins). But I was once again happily impressed by my experience with them.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

For pretty packaging go to Rubbaglove

Our popular pack design came from a great creative agency, Rubbaglove. For quality and good creative work, give them a call.


Friday, 1 February 2013

Curry spice fans

Returning customers demand large packs!
So made new large 75g packs for our curry spice fans.