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Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices consists of our own unique blend curry spices so you can enjoy the delicious taste of a home-cooked, heart warming Sri Lankan curry.

This one blend is ideal for meat, fish, prawns or vegetable curries. Enjoy the recipes in this blog and in the pack. If you can't find Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices in a shop near you, please email: deemaspice@gmail.com and we will help get you one. Why not visit us on facebook as well.

Buy two packs for £6.

One pack cooks two curries for two people. Please note that though there are no nuts in the blend, it is made in a nut lover’s kitchen. It is gluten free, as far as we are aware.

For just £8 each, our Christmas gift bags include 2 packs of Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices in a lovely re-useable just bag and a special recipe card for making curry with turkey leftover and the price includes postage but not the holly!And if you pre-order 2 gift bags, the price is £15. Order today!

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Frozen Vegetable Curry

Far from exciting ingredients but managed to make frozen vegetables exotic!
It is after Christmas where we have eaten too much meat and far too lazy to go to the shops. So I made this curry with stuff I found in my cupboard, fridge and freezer.

2 small red onions - chopped
2 cloves of garlic - chopped
Curry leaves - a handful (optional)
3 1/2 tablespoons of Deema's Spices (needed more as the frozen veg wasn't so tasty I think)
Quarter bag of frozen veg
1 bag of pak choi (optional only used it as it needed to be eaten)
1 tin of chick peas
1 tin of coconut milk

Fry the onions, garlic, Deema's Spices and curry leaves. Add the vegetables, chick peas and pak choi then mix together. Once all the vegetables are covered with Deema's spices, add the coconut milk and half a tin of water. Bring to boil and then simmer for 15 minutes of so. Add salt, pepper and chillie (fresh or dried) if needed.

Use any vegetables and just follow the steps above and I am sure it will be just as tasty. 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Fusion spicy Christmas Eve

As usual I forgot to take a photo but we had a fusion lazy Christmas eve meal. 

Pomegranate, basil, rocket and feta salad, spicy butter prawns, game roulade, garlic bread and dim sum various. 

Topped up with gin and lovely white wine - it is no wonder I was found snoring on the sofa later in the evening.Now for tomorrow. Hopefully remember the camera!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Spicy Christmas presents

"..but everyone gives chocolates and soap." My 10 year old wails when handed his Christmas presents for his teachers. Of course they are Deema's Spices. What else? I am saving up for therapy.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Deema's Spices on ETSY

Our Etsy shop is now open. Whoo hoo.

They have some of the most amazing handmade things from around the world.

And they now have Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices!

See http://www.etsy.com/ and look for Deema's Spices.

Chicken Curry with Tofu

Last night our good friends Sue and Dave came round. Sue loves tofu and Dave loves meat. So I put them together with Deema's Spices and made ChickenTofu Curry! 
I tried a new tomato rice recipe which was delicious. No left overs!

ChickenTofu Curry

Fried onions, garlic, one small red chilli (Dave's not keen on too hot curries) and curry leaves, then added chicken, fried tofu and Deema's Spices.

Mixed this around till it was covered in spices then added the coconut milk. Simmered it for 10-15 minutes. Just 3 minutes before I served I added chopped Choi Sim (longer leaves than Pak Choy) into the curry.To add to the fusion theme!

Tomato Rice

Fried cumin, mustard seeds, small onion, 1 clove garlic, nuts (I used mixed chopped nuts) and curry leaves. Add chopped fresh tomatoes and I also used a tin of chopped tomatoes as  I didn't have enough fresh ones. Mixed this together till aromatic and then mixed in the cooked rice and added salt to taste. Garnished with coriander. 

I think this would be incredible if made with fresh chillies and made to be hot. Going to do that next time!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Spice - a la Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices!

Spice up left over turkey, gammon or whatever meat you are having with Deema's Sri Lankan Curry Spices and have a great Christmas Curry.
Just for the silly season, buy a pack and we will pay the postage (UK only)!  Or why not buy 2 for £5. They make great stocking fillers or presents to neighbours, friends, in-laws, family etc

Friday, 7 December 2012

My new spice helper!

Meet my new spice helper!

It is the Wonderbag. I really can't wait to use it. Doesn't it look fab? I bet it will draw more comments then my spices when we sell at the next fair. Need to gather up courage to do another one now.

And really the best thing about this super wonderbag is that I know that a lady/family in Africa has got one too thanks to my buying one.  More about Wonderbag.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thank you everyone at the Trinity Primary Fair

Thank you to all our brave customers at the Trinity Primary fair. Having a taste was the easy sell! Once you tried you 'buyed'! It was a huge vote of confidence for us. Onwards and upwards.

Rick Stein roots for Sri Lankan curry on telly!

As officially broadcast by the BBC: Sri Lankan curry and spices wins! Of course, our Deema's Spice is even better than his. He missed things.

But now you know what to do with your left over turkey - order our spices quick.

The great thing is, all the food looked tummy grumblingly good.  But Sri Lanka still won. Watch on the BBC iplayer link.